Digital Marketing in simple terms means “promoting your business using digital means like internet”. The 3 main goals of digital marketing strategy should be :

  1. Building your brand value by having a strong online presence
  2. Driving in relevant traffic to your business website
  3. Increasing conversion rate.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You don’t have to rely only on Search Engine Optimization to bring in traffic to your website. There are so many paid marketing methods out there like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, Influencer marketing, mobile marketing, Email marketing, etc., you can use to get incoming traffic. (Do not worry about having to spend on marketing. You can get a good return on investment if online marketing is done wisely using experienced professionals!)

Before you spend your time and money on online marketing, you need to ensure that your website is user friendly and has high quality content optimized for conversions. Your website is your best salesman and every relevant traffic is important for business! When a new visitors comes into your site, the content should be compelling enough to make the visitor get interested in your products or services and eventually turn into a potential customer.

Here are some tips to increase conversion rate :

  • Add a “call now” button for visitors using mobile devices. Navigating to the contact page and then looking up your phone number is old fashioned. They like to contact at the click of a button!
  • Content offers should fall within the viewport of the landing page. Only if the customer can see the call to action he can take action, right?
  • Increase your website’s speed. Studies have shown that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load there is a high chance that the visitor will close the page and move to the next site.
  • Focus on improving the user experience like online chat options so the customer can find what he came looking for easily.
  • Menus/ services need to be properly categorized and navigable. Site navigation should be user friendly in all devices. Add search option within your site so the user can find information quickly.
  • Monitor your server logs, check for patch updates regularly and update your website’s files and server as you do not want to find your website hacked by some miscreant in the middle of a marketing campaign and end up losing valuable time & money!
  • Analyze your online competitors and have a unique selling proposition to make the customer come towards your brand.
  • Be transparent and do ethical business. Do not run fake ads just to make a user click on it and land into your site. It may increase the click through rate but it will burn down your marketing budget and also such visitors will never turn into customers. Your service quality and customer support must be best in class and the customer should become your brand advocate!
  • Research and target the right audience for your business or else you are going to waste your marketing budget! A/B test your online marketing campaigns to find out which works best and allocate more budget for well performing campaigns.