We understand you get all these queries in your mind when searching for the best SEO company or agency in Dubai UAE for your website. We at SEO Dubai have the answers for you! Studies have confirmed organic results get 8.5 times clicks than google ads due to the trust factor from google’s recommendation. Google wants to protect its users by showing only high quality relevant results recommended through trusted high authority websites. We ensure your website falls into that criteria! SEO process involves – onsite optimiation and offsite optimization. Scroll down to know more…



SEO process mainly involves Onsite optimization & Offsite optimization.

What is onsite or on page optimization?

In the SEO field, onsite optimization means optimizing your website allow google spiders to easily crawl and understand the content of your website so it can produce your site as a relevant result for user’s query in google. It includes researching on the long and short tail (high level) key phrases, optimizing site’s title, keyword density, content quality, meta description, site speed, etc.,. According to google “Content is King”. Better the quality of your website’s content, higher your website may be considered for ranking in SERP.

What is offsite or off page optimization?

Offsite optimization is totally out of your control and is the next important factor google considers for ranking your website on the top of SERP. It is called as building a natural backlink profile for your website. When a domain is referred by another high authority domain which thinks that our website content is the best suited for a particular content (product or service type), the link juice passes from that domain into our domain adding to our domain authority score for that topic. Google has decided to hide pagerank recently. So it now becomes more difficult to find and get new incoming links to your website from high pagerank, high authority domains. So only the best and smart SEO agency can assist you to reach your goals to increase the searchability of your website. Google takes into consideration other factors like your popularity in social media to consider your website as a relevant domain authority for a particular topic. If your website falls into the hands of black hat SEO providers who use low quality unnatural link building methods, there is a 100% chance of google banning your website. So it is best to go with the SEO firm that has already produced results through ethical whitehat backlink building methods.


To get you on top of google by following webmaster’s guidelines and building the best quality natural backlinks by remembering “Content is King”