Search Engine Optimization is also known by terms such as Search engine ranking, SEO, Organic Search & Natural search. It is done one your website to gain a higher position (or ranking) in the organic/unpaid search engine results for target search terms.

SEO Checklist by SEO Dubai Company

SEO checklist – website technique

For better search engine visibility, it’s important that your site doesn’t block search engines from indexing your site properly. Ensure you are not blocking search engine crawlers via robots.txt or meta tags or x-robots-tag http header.

  • Do not use too much of Javascript in your web pages to render content. Google is able to crawl javascript but if the entire site is dependent on javascript to generate content, it should be corrected.
  • Avoid using frames. If it cannot be avoided, use NoFrames tag to provide alternate content
  • Add Alt text to images to make search engines understand the image content. Use title text to help users with a tooltip.
  • On the homepage footer, place a Sitemap link. It will help search engine bots and users to navigate the pages in your site.
  • Submit your Sitemap in Google Search Console
  • Create helpful 404 pages to assist users when they land in a broken link to your site. If the link has moved to another URL, Use 301 redirects to ensure that the user finds the correct URL.
  • Use correct redirects ensuring correct status codes wherever needed.
  • Build content with right usage of header tags (H1, H2 etc.) to improve readability by categorizing the page content.
  • Each page in your site must have a unique title relevant to the page content & must contain the search terms you want to be found for naturally. Each page must have unique description summarizing the page content. Note that useful page title & description can help to improve your website’s click-through rate in the search engine results page.
  • Ensure URLs are user & search engine friendly and contains the keywords relevant to the topic of the page. If you use a CMS like WordPress, we have given helpful guidelines here to use your CMS effectively for SEO.
  • We have given here a list of important ranking factors used by Google. Ensure your site complies with it.
  • Keyword research needs to be completed & finalized list of target search terms have to be prepared and grouped to create relevant, high quality, well researched & useful content.
  • Add your website in Google Analytics & Google Search console to monitor your site’s overall performance.
  • Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or to speed up your site.
  • Ensure your site loads well in all devices like mobile, tablet, etc.,. You can take the Mobile friendly test to check if there are any issues with your site in mobile devices.
  • Contact SEO Dubai for a comprehensive technical SEO scan to suggest improvement to your site.

Content optimization

A main criteria to rank well in search engines is that you site MUST contain high quality content, focusing around the target search terms.

Some tips to help your website visitors :

  • Create a FAQ page
  • Add a blog to your site
  • Add a glossary or a HTML sitemap in your site to find content easily.
  • Archive old newsletters in a location in your site
  • The titles & description of pages should contain the relevant target search terms.
  • Write easy to read, natural language content for users and do not focus only on pleasing the search engines. If users love your site, search engines will naturally love your site!
  • Do not have your website filled with only the name of services or products you offer. Ensure you describe them in detail so the visitors can have all their doubts cleared by reading the pages in your site even before contacting you.
  • Ensure navigability between the pages and related content provides a good user experience.

Improve your website’s popularity

dofollow type Backlinks are considered as votes for your site by other websites. It passes PageRank (or link juice) to your site to help your site perform well in the search engines. The quality and relevance of backlinks can improve your search engine rankings. Your backlinks should always be in compliance with the Google webmaster guidelines.

Here are few tips to naturally gain backlinks for your website :

  • Request partner websites directly related to your business like suppliers, business partners, associations, etc., to recommend your site so their website visitors can gain visibility of your services/ products if interested.
  • A unique, useful & high quality content always gains popularity and you may gain backlinks when other websites write about the same or a closely related topic using your URL as a reference in their content.
  • Submit your URL to press releases so it can gain more visibility. PR work is needed if you want to get your content to reach your target audience.
  • Anchor text of your link(s) placed in external website may help search engines to understand the primary keywords in the page. If you directly have control over the content in the external site (for example : if you are a guest blogger), make sure you use the right anchor relevant to the content in the page and the search term you are targeting.
  • Google has stopped displaying PageRank to the public. Hence you may use Moz domain authority checker to get an idea if a backlink from some site is really worth it. Note that Moz domain authority is not an official tool related to Google and it is to be used only to get an idea of the worthiness of a domain.
  • Backlinks from authority websites related to your topic are considered as worthy backlinks.
  • Backlinks from social media, social bookmarking sites, etc., are usually nofollow which means that they do not pass PageRank to your site. But you can use them to get incoming traffic as popular social media like Facebook has billions of users.

Here are some useful guides by Google to rank well in the search engines:

  1. Google webmaster guidelines
  2. Google SEO starter guide
  3. Google’s guidance on building high quality websites
  4. Webmaster academy
  5. Site not doing well in search
  6. How to create a Google-friendly site

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