A Content Management System (also called as CMS) allows a user to add/modify text, image & media content in their website without the need for writing long HTML codes for each page.

Many CMS like WordPress have plugins like Yoast SEO to assist in search engine optimization of the website. It is important that your CMS has the ability to individually edit :

  • Meta title (the title of your web page)
  • Meta description (a short description summarizing the content of web page)
  • Meta keywords (search terms describing the content of the page). Note that meta keywords tag is no longer used by Google as a ranking factor but is still used by few search engines.
  • Page URLs need to be editable through the CMS. Google friendly and user friendly URLs can help to guess the content of a page by just looking at the URL and can be shared across other sites easily. If you are going to correct your existing URLs, it is important that they are not deleted but permanently redirected with a status code 301.
  • Structured Data. in adherence to Google’s quality guidelines.

Use your CMS for On page SEO optimization

Many CMS auto generate these information for you like using the first H1 tag as the title, first paragraph as the meta description, page URL from title, etc.,. But a manual examination & correction of these meta tags & URL can help optimize the page better. You need to use a CMS that allows you to edit these information easily if you are not tech savvy. Your CMS should help you edit & format web pages just like a Word document. Just like a Word document, titles of chapters can be labeled as headers, so it also works in HTML from  websites. It is therefore important that your CMS enables you (or even mandatory) to format text using so-called headers. CMS like WordPress come with WYSIWYG editor that helps you achieve the same. A well organized page using correct usage of header tags, bold text, quoted text, etc., is desirable by search engines as they are seen as user experience enhancing factors.

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