To improve your rankings in Google, the first step is to accurately determine the keywords or search queries you want to rank well for. Usually it is related to your service type or product types and their respective categories & sub categories. If you target a particular geographic region, the keywords need to include that geographic region & your website need to be optimized for it as well.

It is extremely difficult to rank well for very heavy competition keywords. For these types of keywords, we would recommend you to use AdWords to acquire incoming traffic from the relevant users. By running AdWords campaign, you will also be able to filter out the well performing keywords and concentrate on them to rank well in search engines by adding useful content related to the keyword.

Importance of keyword research in SEO

Always remember this – “Quality of visitors is important than quantity of visitors”

Many SEO companies in Dubai directly suggest search terms with high search volumes. These search terms may not bring you the relevant traffic. Low level key phrases will bring you highly relevant leads. For example if you want to rank well for the search term “Dentist” but you offer your service only within Dubai, then this keyword alone is not going to bring in relevant customers from Google. Doing SEO for the search term “Dentist Dubai” may bring in more relevant leads and has the better probability for conversion. You need quality visitors to your site rather than a huge number of irrelevant visitors as it is bad for business. The keywords producing traffic must help you achieve your business goals.

Do not focus on just one keyword but also focus on related keywords with the same meaning

With Google’s Hummingbird algorithm & RankBrain algorithm updates, Google tends to produce more relevant results based on the user’s intent than just the keywords in the query. You need to focus on all related keywords to maximize your relevant incoming organic traffic. For example : If you are an orthodontist in Dubai, you shouldn’t just concentrate on the search term “Orthodontist Dubai”. People may be searching for terms like “Braces in Dubai” or “teeth straightening dubai”, etc.,

Analyze your competitor’s site

Analyze the first result in Google for the target search term. Look at the content & website structure. You site needs to have a better & useful original content, user experience than the top result to reach the first position over time. Analyze how they have used the keywords in the content so you can get a better idea what Google favors. Check for Google’s auto suggestion to find the most searched keywords related to your business. Google offers the Keyword research tool to find the average monthly searches for the target search phrases.

After you have picked the target search terms, create an xls and refine the list to finalize the high quality keywords that will help you connect with your potential customers. You may use the data from Google Adwords campaign to select the best keywords with high conversion rate. Create high level relevant search terms using the list by including your target region. For example – “best orthodontist in Dubai” to improve the quality of visitors. It is easier to rank your site for High level key-phrases than for low level key phrases like “Orthodontist”. Ranking your site for high level search terms during your SEO campaign will bring in relevant traffic even if their search volume is low.

Here are a few tools for planning the search terms :

Google keyword planner to check the average monthly search volume
Google AdWords to check conversion data, paid keyword performance history, etc.,
Google Search Console for monitoring the search rankings, clicks, impressions, etc.,
Google Analytics to track and measure all your source of traffic.
Google Trends to research search volume & market trends.

Monitor your website’s performance in Google :

You can add your website in Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor your organic traffic and see how well your site is performing for the target search terms in Google. This will also help you to analyze if the keywords lead to conversions and make improvements to your SEO campaign.

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