Google loves to show only relevant high quality trusted websites in search results for a searcher’s query. For businesses selling products or services in Dubai, a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan starts with creating a unique and useful website that your target audience will love. There are many benefits in having a useful, content rich website for your business such as increase in trust factor, customers engaging with your brand, reduction in bounce rate, increase in conversion rate, users voluntarily sharing your site and making you popular, etc.,

Tips to build high quality sites that Google loves

Google uses 200+ ranking signals to determine the position of a website in the search results. The Panda update of Google’s ranking algorithm can automatically detect high quality websites and gives them a ranking boost in the search engine results. Hence you need to understand that you cannot expect to rank well with a thin content site even if it is technically on page or off page SEO optimized. There is no doubt that “Content is King” and it is going to be the number #1 important factor followed by the user experience if you want to rank well in the search engines.

Google webmaster central blog has provided some guidelines to build high quality website. Here are few more points to make the target visitors from Dubai, UAE love your website with your content :

  1. A website serving high quality multilingual content will make Arabic as well as English speaking audience in a country like United Arab Emirates get interested in your site and find information easily. Get an Arabic content writer to translate your website’s content perfectly without spelling or grammatical errors as those can cause a set back if you choose to do multilingual SEO.
  2. Establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information. People in Dubai do business only with service providers they trust. If your website’s content is misleading or if the website visitor does not find the correct information about what he came looking for, there is a high chance that the visitor will drop out and move to the next site in the search result. Get experts who are familiar with the topic to create compelling content for your website if you are not comfortable or experienced in content writing or about the topic.
  3. Do not focus too much on things like keywords density. Just write natural sentences that the users can easily understand. User experience should be the main focus. Stuffing keywords or creating duplicate or similar content sitewide to influence the search engine crawlers should be avoided as it may lead to a penalty by Google.
  4. Proof read your content and manually review your  pages before publishing. Trivial things like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors that distract users can hurt your rankings as they provide a bad user experience.
  5. Remember this simple formula in SEO : Original content = Good. Copied content = Bad. Search engines love well researched original content and completely hates stolen or rewritten content. Your content should add an extra value to the particular topic and you should question yourself – “Is my page useful and better than my competitors?”. Use references from authority sources in your content if they can really help to improve the overall user experience.
  6. Establish yourself as an authority source for the topic. Do some PR work by talking to the press, communities and bloggers in Dubai to take read and share your content. If they love your content and think that it may be useful to share it around, you have almost won! Google loves quality sites that get citation from authority sources and may rank you high in the search results related to the topic. Apart from SEO benefits, your brand value increases simultaneously when a large number of people in Dubai can remember your site name and refer it to their friends, colleagues, etc.,!
  7. Almost everyone has a smartphone in a country like United Arab Emirates. With the rise in the number of internet surfers through mobile devices you need to maintain the same level of user experience that you would provide for your desktop users. Make sure your website loads fast and is navigable in all devices like internet enabled mobile phones, tablets, etc.,. This will reduce the bounce rate as many users will drop out if they find a site too difficult to navigate, has too many blocking ads or popups annoying them from browsing the site.